Story Chain

One day on a Halloween night two girles named Emerson and Sami.
Emerson was dressed like a chicken and Sami was dressed like a
princess. They went outside and they knocked on a door knoone
opened the door so they walked in and saw…

Wax Museum

Hello, in are school in third grade we do something called the wax museum.
Everyone picks a person who did something in our world. I pick Princess Diana she helped the poor and she is a Princess. She died  in a car crash on her way to a hotle when she was dating a man named Dodi.




Fairy Tales

At school we are lerning about
fairy tales. We have been reading
fairy tales we have been reaing lon popo
wwhich a differint book about Littie Red Riding Hood
Snow White and Poos In Boots. Now we get to white our
own fairy tales in groups. I am with me friend Emerson
and am with a person named Sam. We were in a group
and had some ideas. I think are story is good.


I went to California for my moms
brother’s wedding. We went to Disney
World and went shopping there with them.
My family got a beach house and are cousin
were there to. We went to the beach it was right
by are house. At the beach I found a died
octopus leg. MY brother Joe pick it up and around
with it. My sisters and I were flower girls
and my brothers did something for the wedding
it was really fun. Know my ant and uncle have
a baby boy named Even he is so cut I bet he
will have lots of fun. I mite go to California
soon and I hope I do! I am going to see Even
if I go.

Response To HappyNews.Com

I went to and read about a

surfer.He wanted to break a record for biggest

wave ridden.His name is Garret Mcnamara and he

caught the wave that measured 100ft off the coast of Nazare

it was relly cool to read about it.You should go on HappyNews. com

and read about something that you might like.

Pie Graph

We are learing about graphs. Today we are

learing about pie graphs.Pie graphs are a

tipe of graph that is a circle and shows

what you are graphing. It has lots of color

and shaps. Here is a pie graph.

Story Chain

Please continue this story.

One day a group of  friends named Sami,Emerson,and megan whent walking on a trail.

when it suddenly got dark they got relly scard. Then

all of a suden they herd a sound a scary sound.They got closer to the sound and it was…